Magnetic Care

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Surface Preparation

The magnetic sign and surface should be clean and dry. In any outdoor application, such as car signs, the metal surface should be waxed.


Your magnetic sign holds the best to flat surfaces and surfaces resonably curved in one direction. When the magnetic is placed in the wrong position, remove the magnet and re-align. Do not pull the magnet to re-align when it is against the surface, as the magnet may stretch due to the resistance caused by the high magnetic strength. Make sure the entire magnet is against the metal surface (no air pockets).


Some moisture and dirt will collect between the magnet and metal surface, particularly in outside applications (vehicles). Remove and clean both the magnet and surface with mild soap and allow both to dry. On vehicles, repeat the process weekly. To protect the clear coat / base coat and vinyl surfaces present on new vehicles, we recommend daily removal of magnetic signs. We do not recommend applying magnetic signs to repainted surfaces.


Your magnetic sign is more pliable and easier to work with if it is near room temparature when applied. The best way to store your magnet is flat, never magnet to magnet.